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I.               聽辨單詞(WORDS) 1—5 BCABC

II.            句子理解(SENTENCES) 6—10 BCDCA

III.          對話理解(DIALOGUES) A(11—15 ACCBD  B) 16—20 CBACB

IV.          短文理解(PASSAGES)

 A)21—25 BBACD

B)26. Brothers  27.11:45 / a quarter to twelve  28. (the ) theatre  29. 639-884

    30. Thursday


I.選擇填空(Vocabulary and structure)

   31—35 DCBCA   36—40 BDCDA  41—45 ACBCD  46—50 BACCD

II.閱讀理解(Reading comprehension)

   51—55 BACAD  56—60 BACDD


   62. 這樣,電視鏡頭中就不會出現空位。

   63. When a star needs to go to the bathroom or have a cigarette.

   64. She was tired and excited.

   65. more than 90%

   66. 1996

   67. small/ not very large; respected

   68. half-price

   69. contest

   70. free


   A)71. game  72. In fact  73. popular  74. teams  75. playing  76. competitions  77. professional(s)  78. advertisers  79. brings  80. salaries

   B)81. to go  82. were waiting  83. realized  84. had left  85. were working  86. was found   87. will be   88. ran  89. got  90. started

IV. 句式轉換(Sentence pattern transformation)

   A)91. Would you like  92. what she thought of  93. have already spoken  94. have we

95.were you paid

   B)96. my best  97. looks after  98. some/any advice/suggestions  99. was disappointed

100. pay attention


   101. I hope what I have done can make you happy.

   102. I prefer quiet traditional music, so concerts suit me just fine.

   103. He came across so many difficulties, but he never gave up.

   104. Although he has lived in China for two years, he can hardly speak Chinese.

   105. Unless the team of England improves its game, it’s going to lose the match.


   106. Sunday.  107. STOP   108. SOIL SPORT   109. V is on the top and X is at the bottom.  110. B&D


A)     One possible version

Dear Jonathan,

   I just got your letter and I think you shouldn’t worry so much. Things will get better soon if you have a positive attitude.

   Why didn’t you join a sports club? You’ll meet lots of people there.

   If I were you, I would apply for a better job. This way you’ll have more money and you’ll also be able to go out more.

   I hope this advice is of some help to you.

   Good luck.



   B)One possible version:

   Technology has mad it possible for us to listen to our favourtie music wherever we go. One of the advantages of listening to a Walkman is that we can listen to music without disturbing other people. It also keeps us from getting bored on long journeys.

   However, listening to a Walkman can cause some problems, Sometimes it can be dangerous because we can’t hear traffic. What’s more, Walkman stop communication between people.

   All in all, although Walkman are popular among young people, I think we should be careful with them.

一、 評分原則:

    1. 本題總分為: A) 10分; B) 15分。按四個檔次給分。

    2. 評分時,先根據文章的內容和語言初步確定其所屬檔次,然后以該檔次的要求來衡量,確定或調整本檔次,最后給分。

    3. 作文詞數少于50或多于100的, 從總分中減去2分。

    4. 如書寫較差,以至影響交流,將分數降低一個檔次。

    二、 各檔次的給分范圍和要求:

    第四檔(很好):A) 9—10分; B) 12—15分

    完全完成了試題規定的要求,覆蓋所有內容要點,符合英語表達習慣, 應用了較多的語法結構和詞匯,沒有語法和詞匯錯誤,具備較強的語言運用能力,完全達到了預期的寫作目的。

    第三檔(好):A) 6—8分; B) 9—11分

    完成了試題規定的要求,應用的語法結構和詞匯能滿足題目的要求,符合英語表達習慣, 基本沒有語法和詞匯錯誤,達到了預期的寫作目的。

    第二檔(一般):A) 4—5分; B) 5—8分


    第一檔(差):A) 1—3分; B) 1—4分




聽力部分錄音原文  相關附件




I.               句子理解(STATEMENTS) 1—5 CDCBA

II.            問句應答(RESPONSES)  6—10 DCABD

III.          對話理解(DIALOGUES)  11—15 CADCB   16—20  BACDB

IV.          短文理解(PASSAGES)    21—25 BCDAA 

                                 26.3.70  27. hour  28. information desk  29.glass

                                 30. snacks



   21—35  CBDDA  36—40 BDDAC  41—45  DDABC


   46—50 ADBCA

   51.Baggage bunders.  52. Airline station / Operations manager.

   53. He /She must type 60 wpm and know DOS.

   54. Ground personnel must work weekends or evenings. /Ground personnel job requires working on weekends and at night.

   55. At the Near and Far Agency.

   56. visual learners   57. hearing new information   58. touching

   59. 研究者們把不同的學習模式命以不同的名稱,但是他們都承認深諳個人學習方式的學生能改進自己的學習技能。


61. two years    62. (the) size    63. Charon    64. Xena    65. move around the star (sun).


66. saying  67 Soon  68. looked  69. barked  70. Inside  71. possible  72. typewriter 

73. surprised  74. again  75. programs / programmes  76. them/those  77. dog  78. job

79. part/point   80.also


81. Chinese fans love Yao Ming to the degree that they will try to watch any match that Yao Ming competes in.

82. I found it difficult to get my Chinese humour across to my English friends.

83. Throughout our lives, we can gain a lot and lose much.

84. Seeing this, people all wondered what it could be.

85. Some people believe that we are equipped with a special ability to learn languages.


Hi, Jo! You know I am going to Beijing to see my friend Li Li                 86.   was    

in the holidays. Well,the train journey turned out to be a bit A a disaster!         87   of      

I enjoyed the journey as there was another student sat opposite me              88   sitting   

and we started talking. When she got up the train ,I decided to read              89.  off     

a book but, because I hadn’t had many sleep the night before, I soon             90.   much   

fell asleep. I must have to sleep for over an hour, because I was woken up         91. to(去掉)

by the conductor. I jump up and got myself and my luggage off in a              92. jumped     

couple of second. It was only when I had arrived at Li Li’s house that I           93. seconds     

realized I had dropped my address book when I left the train. It’s good I can       94.   ˇ         

remember your address, but I wouldn’t have been able to write to you.       95. other wise /or


 96. Money   97. A barber   98. 115 (3+5=8, so 3+3=6, 6+6=12,etc)

 99. 1004180 means “ I owe nothing; for I ate nothing.”

100. Snoring. (1. basin 2. sunny  3. broom  4. horse  5. child  6. funny  7. fight)


A)     One possible version:

Dear Lucy,

About the English exercise books that didn’t arrive this month: I got a letter from the Chief Manager explaining what had happened. Firstly, the bookshop ran out of stock. Apparently there was terrific response to their advertisement. In addition the superior had problems with their computer system and was slow in handling the orders. Thirdly, the bookshop couldn’t find another supplier. So it was a series of problems.

Zhang Hua


B)      One possible Version:

We are often told that if we get high marks we will be admitted to the best universities, and if we graduate from good universities we will get great jobs. So the better we do in school the more successful we will be in life.

    I think that the more education we have the more opportunities we will have, which will give us more chances to succeed. People with a good education can adapt to new things better than people with little education. So in a way, doing well in school means having more chances to succeed.

    However, that does not mean that people with little education cannot be just as successful. Opportunities come to everyone. We just need to recognize them and take advantage of them to succeed. A good education just makes it easier for us to use the opp

一、 評分原則:

1. 本題總分為 30分: A) 10分; B) 20分。按四個檔次給分。

2. 評分時,先根據文章的內容和語言初步確定其所屬檔次,然后以該檔次的要求來衡量,確定或調整本檔次,最后給分。

3. 作文詞數少于或多于規定詞數20詞的,從總分中減去2分。

4. 如書寫較差,以至影響閱卷,將分數降低一個檔次。

二、 各檔次的分數范圍和要求:

第四檔(很好):A)9—10分; B)16—20分

完全完成了試題規定的要求,覆蓋所有內容要點,符合英語表達習慣, 應用了較多的語法結構和詞匯,沒有語法和詞匯運用錯誤,具備較強的語言能力,完全達到了預期的寫作目的。

第三檔(好):A)6—8分; B)11—15分

完成了試題規定的要求,應用的語法結構和詞匯能滿足題目的要求,符合英語表達習慣, 基本沒有語法和詞匯運用錯誤,達到了預期的寫作目的。

第二檔(一般):A)3—5分; B)6—10分


第一檔(差):A)1—2分; B)1—5分



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